Order GNU Gatekeeper Support

GNU Gatekeeper Executables

Available for Windows, Linux, MacOS X, FreeBSD, NetBSD, OpenBSD and Solaris x86.
After ordering, please send an email with the desired operating system and version.

20,- Euros

GNU Gatekeeper Web Interface

Configure and monitor the GNU Gatekeeper from your browser or mobile device.

200,- Euros

Virtual Appliance

Virtual appliance in OVA format with preconfigured GNU Gatekeeper plus web interface on Linux. Licensed to run the GNU Gatekeeper web interface on one (virtual) server.
If you prefer other containers, eg. Docker, please contact me.

590,- Euros

Support Hours

Purchase a package of support hours to solve any issue by for email or remote login support. The time can also be used for the development of new features or bug fixes.

140,- Euros / hr

Remote Installation

Installation of the GNU Gatekeeper on one of your servers or cloud VM (AWS, Azure, Google) through ssh or remote desktop.
Includes basic gatekeeper configuration.

490,- Euros

Annual Maintenance

With an annual maintenance subscription we take care of any GnuGk issue that might come up. This includes email and remote login support and also free installation of new releases and notification of important bug fixes in between releases.

Video IVR: Relaxed Video Server

Vendor independetnt Video IVR, highly configurable with info screens and interactive user input. (more detailed description)

Consulting / Custom Development

Need help with any H.323 or GNU Gatekeeper issue ?
Interoperability issues with any vendor ?
Software development ?

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Please contact me if you need an invoice prior to the purchase or if you would prefer to pay by wire transfer.

The GNU Gatekeeper is free software (GPL license). You can copy it as many times as you like, but it comes without any warranty.

The Web Interface for the GNU Gatekeeper is commercial software. You must buy separate licences for every installation.