Asterisk H.323 Support

Asterisk is one of the most popular OpenSource PBX solutions today.
Besides SIP and IAX, it also supports the H.323 protocol and it is often used as H.323-SIP gateway.

H.323 NAT and Firewall Traversal

Do you want to accept calls from clients behind firewalls and NATs ? H.323 supports a number of traversal protocols to get your calls safely through (H.460.17, H.460.18 and H.460.19).
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CallerID Rewriting Module

Rewrite your CallerID (ANI / CLI) to a random number from a specified pool. Easy to include in your dialplan, simple config which peer should get which CLIs. Can be used with H.323, SIP or IAX.
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H.323-SIP Gateway

To convert your calls between SIP and H.323 clients, we can configure Asterisk to be your gateway.
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H.323 Audio Bridge

Asterisk can provide an audio bridge for your H.323 clients.
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Crypto Trunk

Do you need call encryption with another office or branch using Asterisk or the GNU Gatekeeper ? Lets configure high-grade security for your calls.
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Compilation Support for H.323 Channel Drivers

There are multiple channel drivers for H.323 to choose from. Compiling them with the latest OpenH323 / H323Plus libraries can be tricky. Let me help you with that!
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H.323 Debugging

Having trouble with the configuration ? Audio is only going one-way ? Some calls fail unexpectedly ? I can assist you with the debugging and fixing.
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