GNU Gatekeeper Support

Enjoy the cost savings of using OpenSource software, but don't miss out on the safety of professional support.

Annual Maintenance Subscription

The annual maintenance subscription covers you for a full year. It includes email and remote login support. The installation of new releases and notification of bug fixes in between releases is also included.

Support Hours

Get a batch of support hours for email or remote login support. The time can also be used for the development of new features or bug fixes.

Remote Installation

Installation of the GNU Gatekeeper on your server through ssh or remote desktop. Includes gatekeeper configuration.

Custom H.323 Development

Do you need a new gatekeeper feature or a custom endpoint ? A video IVR or a routing server ? Need help implementing your OpenH323 / H323Plus solution ?

Consulting Services

How can the GNU Gatekeeper solve your specific issues ? I can help you with any GNU Gatekeeper or H.323 related issue, voice or video conferencing.


Questions about the professional support services ? Please contact me!

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